Rob Parker Challenges Chris Bowen’s Anti Climate Action Scare Tactics

Rob Parker Challenges Chris Bowen’s Anti Climate Action Scare Tactics

Chris Bowen demonstrated recently his opposition to effective action on climate change and providing Australia with a secure low cost energy future.

The people of Australia are wising up to his anti-nuclear nonsense.
They are getting hit with ever increasing power bills courtesy of an energy transition that’s out of control

Neither AEMO nor the CSIRO have done the right thing by the Australian people by properly considering the system wide benefits of including nuclear energy in an optimum mix for the nation.

  • Mahmudul Hasan
    Posted at 19:12h, 08 August Reply

    If it is a cost-effective power supply people should appreciate it for the future.

  • Michael Spencer
    Posted at 16:03h, 15 September Reply

    It’s always a problem when someone who has actually “done some ‘homework'” states nasty facts (as distinct from ignorant political propaganda) because there are always the ignorantly ill-informed that just innocently accept the propaganda …..

  • Geoff Rees
    Posted at 00:31h, 19 September Reply

    Having been in the electrical and electronics industry for more than 40 years, my greatest concern regarding renewables is that people think that they will provide 24/7 power. I reside in a rural area and travel daily through a very large zone of wind turbines. There are days when these are all running at peak output and there are days also when they are clearly not generating a single watt of power. On a clear day in certain places I can see several hundred of these turbines. If we in the state of Victoria are to be 80% reliant on renewable energy and predominantly wind turbines then god help the view we will have to endure with wall to wall turbines from Mallacoota to the south Australian border. Also we have near is, at present, the largest battery bank in the southern hemisphere. It will proved power to 10000 homes ……. For about half an hour. Then what!
    I have over many years had experience with industrial radiation sources, laboratory equipment using nuclear sources etc. and am very much in favour of nuclear reactors for the generation of electricity for civil purposes here in Australia. I have no problems at all with the waste issues and strongly believe that small modular reactors should be place at most of our coal power stations.

    • Rob Parker
      Posted at 08:59h, 19 September Reply

      Thanks for your comments.
      I am a huge fan of nuclear and ask you to consider both large and small plants. Nuclear just makes sense.
      Its fast to implement, ultra low carbon and as established internationally – nuclear powered grids are low cost.
      Please keep your comments coming and help spread the word

    Posted at 17:53h, 07 October Reply

    Thankyou Robert for your very much needed, valuable, rejoinders , here and elsewhere, to Chris Bowen’s recent wholly misleading articles and utterances , for example most recently on ABC QA. .
    RP has provided by contrast ,, authoritative , well-informed, rational, comprehensive counterbalance to BOWEN’S, (in particular ) absurd positions on the viability of , desirability and supposed costs of future nuclear electricity generation for Australia . The talks should be as widely circulated as possible . These talks rightly focus eg beyond the simple, nominal dollar costs (however inadequately estimated by Bowen and others. Nominal cost of course is not the only important factor any way, just one of the considerations. Also relevant, as pointed out, are : actual feasibility, reliability, availability, SECURITY of supplies and materials , land requirements, etc, and increasingly important, general environmental impacts.
    We look forward to future instalments , particularly when Bowen makes further misleading, reckless propositions and statements.

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