Used nuclear fuel repository in South Australia

Used nuclear fuel repository in South Australia

The need for nuclear energy, a reliable and economic source of low carbon energy is vital if the World is to stop global warming. South Australia can make a huge contribution to this International challenge which greatly exceeds the benefits of any low carbon domestic energy generation.

Critics of the idea see South Australian’s  and Aboriginal people in particular as being the victims of of other people’s wastes, of being “put down” if you like.
But this is not the case because the used fuel facility is a vital part of the nuclear fuel cycle especially for small nations who do not have the resources for storage.

Aboriginal people at the conference are justifiably hurt and angered by the legacy of British atomic bomb tests and they connect this with the used fuel repository. The used nuclear fuel facility does not spread material over the land but puts it 500 metres underground in safe rock where it will never escape.

From talking to some Aboriginal people about this project I hope they have thought through the great need to protect their lands against a future with worse global warming than their people have ever experienced. Global warming won’t just make their lands impossible for them to live in their country but it will destroy the kangaroos, goannas, emus and the birds. The trees and grasses will go and their song lines will be changed forever.
This project must have at its core an ethical and moral purpose. Money is nice but its not the reason why people will agree to go forward. Mark Parnell from the Greens raised some very valid points about getting community consent and I hope that he and his party will get on board and help Premier Weatherill

In the end, if people understand the greater global benefit in our fight against global warming then  this can be a “victory” project and not a “victim” one.

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