Public Engagement

Public engagement is central to the success of the project. The structure of public engagement needs careful design so that properly informed debate can proceed.

The public will need a full explanation of the processes and benefits of the project and a means for disseminating this information will be needed.

Town Hall slanging matches do not provide an effective forum for education and increased understanding of issues. Focus groups within communities may provide a better route however this requires commitment on the part of the participants.

The public will outline their concerns in their own good time and second guessing or stressing the negatives will be counterproductive. Certainly the public will want to be assured of their safety however foremost we need to focus on how this will improve their lot in life.

Resources – Scope is large and time consuming.

  • Must be able to respond to public comments in timely manner.
  • At least two people for 1 year.
  • Public relations skills
  • Social science skills