The Project

Nuclear Energy must be the centrepiece of Australia's Low Carbon Future

Clear Direction

This website outlines a proposed study into nuclear power generation in Australia. The study is intended to provide a clear direction for decarbonising sections of Australia’s primary energy system. This will be achieved through the use of nuclear energy in Australia’s Nuclear for Climate project. It will also provide strategic energy security for a major portion of the nation’s transport sector.

The Precedent

The study will consider the resources required for a fleet of nuclear plants to provide a very significant proportion of Australia’s electricity using a national campaign of construction similar to those carried out by France, Sweden and South Korea.

Now is the time. We have the Reactors

The time for effective action is urgent and so the study creates a scenario using known licensed large scale reactors that are currently available. These would be constructed at multiple sites. The study will also consider the emerging small modular reactor technology. It is essentially a feasibility study of what such a future looks like, how it would be scheduled with financing options and will include public engagement..

A Road Map

Previous reports such as those of UMPNER and Gittus pointed the way and this study will:

  • Identify specific sites or regions for an initial fleet of nuclear power reactors. Some could be located at sites of aging or decommissioned coal and gas plants to take advantage of existing infrastructure.
  • Engage with the public and broader community located near the possible sites.
  • Address the immediacy of carbon reductions with a commencement of construction within 10 years. The initial fleet of reactors would use light water PWR or BWR units that are currently licensed internationally and are either in use or at the near term commissioning stage.
  • Carry out a costing exercise for the reactor construction programme including the provision of options for financing.
  • Scope and cost enhancements to the electricity distribution grid to accommodate the nuclear generating capacity.
  • Scope the level of Australian industry engagement and construction opportunities together with providing a timeline for the entire program.
  • Investigate the opportunity for reliable base load electricity from a nuclear fleet to progressively displace the nation’s reliance upon a significant proportion of imported petroleum products especially for transport