Reactor Tech

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PWR Progrramme

In a 22 year period from 1977 to 1999 France built a generating system containing 58 reactors.

Its capacity was of similar size to Australia’s but generates only 40 gr CO2/kwh or less that a 20th of Australia’s emissions intensity.

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Nuclear Technology Options for Australia

Edition 8, Revised 2/12/2021

Nuclear Power Plant Technologies

Are you a bit confused by the different names nuclear power plants get?

Some are called SMR’s – Small Modular Reactors

Some are large reactors and then we hear about Generation III or Gen III+ or Gen IV.

Where do they all fit? On the next page we will explain a bit of that especially for Australian conditions.

On the following pages  we will look at the evolution of nuclear plant technologies and suitable plants for Australia.

Following that we’ll look at selection criteria and potential sites for nuclear power plants around Australia